Wisteria Presents

Wisteria Presents is a collection of novels by other authors published under the Wisteria Publications banner.

One True Thing

Driving home through a January blizzard, Charlie Weaver spins out on a patch of black ice. Although there is no collision, he blacks out as headlights bear down on him. In the hospital he comes to, only  to face the bleak reality that he is blind. He sinks into a morass of alcohol and despair.

Natalie Monroe is hired to cook and clean for him since he is unable to care for himself. She is instrumental in helping him to cope with his blindness. Love soon grows between them, but what he doesn’t  know is that she has her own secret demon to deal with.

Will Natalie forget her years of shame and accept the sweet love Charlie is offering? Can she ever learn to trust again?

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One True Thing is available in print and as an e-book from Amazon.