Finnish Folk Tales for Children Trilogy: Foxy, Peikko & Bear

Corbie’s Song – From “Foxy”

Cunning Foxy continued his flattery: “And you are such a fantastic singer! There is no one in the forest who is your equal. Could you possibly sing just one little tune for me?”

This was more than Corbie could resist! He forgot that he had the cheese in his mouth. To show off his musical talent, he opened his mouth and screeched, “CRONK! CRONK!”


Emptying the Avanto From “Peikko the Foolish Ogre”

“You’re the one who always wants to compete,” Matti protested. “I’m quite happy to mind my own business.”

But Peikko kept insisting, so Matti thought for a time and then said, “Let’s see who can empty this avanto (= hole in the ice) faster. I’ll make another avanto over there so you can empty the water from this one into that. You go first and I’ll time you.”

Peikko was quite excite and happy with this new contest. “The winner gets a sack of silver from the loser,” he exclaimed.


The Boastful Chickadee – From “Bear”

Bear stopped and began to pound his head against the stump to ease the pain in his ear. Soon he fell down in a stupor and the chickadee flew out of his ear.

The hungry babies were already starting to peck at him, when Bear recovered. He shook his furry head to clear his brain. Then, with an angry growl, he lumbered off, away from the pesky little birds.

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